Our history

If, as they say, the Universe was originally a ball of fire, TransPiedra is Grupo Piedra’s ball of fire. It was our first brand, and also our first company. It was a qualitative and quantitative leap for us, as we had come from being self-employed with 2 lorries and that, to become “that ele”, a limited company, was a big step for 2 “kids” of only 19 and 18 years of age. TransPiedra was our father’s and mother’s brand, the brand of the buckets of a lifetime, who didn’t know the yellow Manolito Piedra construction buckets? It was a legacy from our parents and thanks to him we were able to start working, to live, after everything disappeared (that’s another story).

TransPiedra started out as the traditional skip company, managing the rubble of all times, what would later be known as CDW (construction and demolition waste). We kept up with the times, because the times were changing. One day, when collecting a container of rubble from a Ferrovial construction site, we saw a wooden box with a sign saying “spray cans”. We asked and it turned out that hazardous waste had arrived at the works, segregation had begun, that was good, and strange at the same time, wasn’t it all going into the same container? It was our first environmental authorisation, Gestores de Residuos Peligrosos. Then a Captain of the now defunct Sea Land asked us for a “Marpol Certificate”, so let’s become a Marpol Agent. And so on to infinity and beyond.

Waste management



Waste management

Crane services

Marpol I, II, IV, V, VI


Infectious waste

Weighing of containers for export VGM

Destruction of
all types of goods

Destruction of confidential documents

Destruction of plant waste (SANDACH)

Hazardous and non-hazardous waste

Municipal, commercial, urban-assimilated and industrial waste